Our Culture & Our People

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

-Theodore Roosevelt

A culture of care without compromise.

The four pillars around which we have built our company culture are:

Care Help Trust Respect

A culture of care motivates individuals to be their best professional selves, which in turn delivers better results. How we treat people, matters. A culture of care breeds a relationship-focused organization that turns a transactional function into one of partnership.

At Maser we acknowledge that fostering a culture of care is a constant work in progress in which our people approach customers, colleagues and results with engagement, diligence and optimism.

Our Beloved Founders

Dr. T. S. Ramchandran

Founder and Chairman

( April - 1948 to December - 2018 )

Mrs. Saraswathy Ramchandran

Founder and Director

( August - 1950 to September - 2014 )


Shankar Ramchandran

Managing Director

Abhijit Ubhe

Associate Vice President - Sales and Purchase

Tushar Moon

Associate Vice President – Sales and Service

Team Maser

Team Maser